RADION Showcase: FOLD London

A Summer of major international events adds one more to the list, as we take on Amsterdam for the very first time.

On Friday 26th July, FOLD teams up with @ Radion for their third Summer of Love showcase. This series of events is designed to bring together connected collectives across Europe, forming a beautiful, united synergy that goes beyond traditional borders.

Tasked with bringing the sound of our dance floor to Dutch audiences are six artists very familiar to those who frequent our halls. Two figureheads of FOLD from the very beginning, Voicedrone and James Newmarch, bring their legendary back-to-back to Radion, and are joined by fellow FOLD Resident, Alba Heidari.

Joining them on the line-up is a second pairing, with Phillipa Pacho & Blue Hour uniting once again in Amsterdam, following recent appearances together at UNFOLD, before the line-up is completed by the mesmerising Karina Schneider.

From the 12th of July until the 10th of August RADION presents their third showcase summer of love: 5 weekends and 11 showcases.


00:00 - 08:00