RADION is located in the former dental centre ACTA, better known as Broedplaats ACTA. In the night, RADION is a club with a 24h license and by day, a Vegan Cafe. We regularly host cultural events in our Expo space and Cafe and are a home base to festivals such as Fringe Festival, Front Row and Brainwash Night.

Creativity runs through our veins, with our Club as the beating heart. Over the past 8 years, RADION has proven itself to be a place where this correlation between our club and cultural program challenges and strengthens each other. RADION creates value for (Night) Culture with our 3 C’s: Club, Culture and Cafe.

RADION is the place where local talent is embraced; a place to experiment; next to concepts that have established themselves over the years — a combination that makes us the home base for Amsterdam’s Techno community.

The RADION Family
Creating a welcoming family is our strong suit. Not only for our visitors but also for the organisations we host. Something that is felt on our work floor, with a team of 80 employees, from our office to the bar, our technicians to toilet staff. A good example is our RADION Backstage - decorated like your typical living room - a perfect place where people from the industry mingle and network, and where visitors can talk to their favorite DJs. Everyone feels at home here and we welcome you to the RADION Family.


+31 20 308 01 51


€1.50/h | max €10/day

House Rules

We don’t tolerate any form of discrimination or aggression; racism / sexism / ableism / homophobia / transphobia.

Come as you are, and be kind to yourself and to others.

Open usage of drugs, equals removal.

We value your privacy, so no photos/videos allowed.

Always follow the instructions of our staff.

If our house rules apply to your values, we are welcoming you to the RADION family!

Door policy

Our minimum age is 18+ (with a valid id)

We reserve the right to refuse entry or remove you from the premises when:

— You are visibly intoxicated
— You are aggressive or cause  disturbance
— You are using or dealing drugs
— You are carrying weapons
— It is too crowded inside
— There is a private event