RADION Tee: Dancing Past Dawn

The new RADION Tee is designed by our LNR graphic designer: Jan van der Meeren

Jan is a graphic designer from Eindhoven. The vibrant nightlife inspired him to start designing. His interest in music started at an early age. He grew up with Punk and Metal, but got more into electronic music at a later age. After these years he followed his dream to design for the music industry.

At the moment, Jan is the designer for the most beautiful events and collectives from Eindhoven and Amsterdam.

Jan was commissioned to design a print for RADION merchandise that matches how he perceives RADION. At RADION, Jan experienced not only the nights, but also the mornings. And that’s something he will always remember, therefore the text: “DANCING PAST DAWN”

To create the visual, he combined images and symbols from different cultures. Because for him, RADION is a place where we can safely come together, without any restrictions.

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