NIGHT + DAY: Open Submission

RADION is excited to announce our ‘NIGHT + DAY’ Open Submission for the cultural program in our Cafe & Expo.

Are you in need of a space to put on a (group)exhibition, screen your new films, read your poems, play your new music, host your book or chess club, showcase or rehearse your new performance? Take up ours!

In both our Cafe & Expo spaces, we invite a wide range of artistic expressions, groups, clubs, meetings, and events where local and budding initiatives are embraced, no matter how big or small.




WHAT: We accept a diverse range of submissions, including but not limited to workshops,meetups, visual and digital art, site-specific work, installations, performances, listening sessions, book clubs, rehearsal space, chess clubs,etc.

DEADLINE: There is no submission deadline.

FEE: There is no submission fee.

COST: Both the Cafe and Expo space are free to use. Need technical assistance? We will make you a special offer.

AVAILABLE TECH: Projector,sound system, lighting, seating, etc.

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