LNR - ADE: Documentary

The concept behind LNR was born right after the pandemic, the first night the clubs opened again after the lockdowns in September 2021. This came with a good portion of excitement, but not without any uncertainty. The RADION Team decided collectively not to place any bets on booking many international artists, since their travel could be subject to covid restrictions. This productional dilemma has turned into this event concept built upon local heroes and talent.

During the covid pandemic, a lot of our local DJs thrived in the Amsterdam underground rave scene. Afterwards, the rest of the world saw these DJs come to light. Amsterdam has proven itself to be The Techno city, with an extensive portfolio of talented DJs and producers from Dutch soil.

During this year’s ADE, RADION decided to give all these incredible local heroes their own dedicated LNR night, on Friday October 20. Together with all the local promotors who reside at RADION, we curated the ‘cream of the crop’ of Dutch techno DJs.

“We’ve had over 30 years of Dance music in The Netherlands and never has there been more local talent than now.”

LNR – Local Night RADION, a night showcasing local artists – led by our Head of Program Ici and Marketing-Communication team Isabelle and Jan – has proven to be a RADION concept ‘pur sang’. It is the place where the entire rave community comes together to meet and connect with each other. An evening where RADION invites our national heroes, a breeding space for our up-and-coming local talents and a place to mingle and network.

To promote this special LNR, RADION has shot a documentary, highlighting the Dutch scene, the pandemic, friendship and what it means to work together. The interconnecting bond is strong and felt by the entire scene. There is room for everyone in our community and growing together is much more fun.

Watch full docu here

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