RADION is launching a new concept: WERKSTATT.

Together with Vera Grace and SEMMUS, two young Dutch talents in the Industrial scene, we are curating a new event concept called WERKSTATT.

We saw the potential in Vera Grace and SEMMUS, cause their ideas and mentality perfectly aligns with RADION.

The harder techno scene is taking over, commercialised and exploited, to a point where even the younger artists are having a hard time with this hype phenomenon. For RADION, it is inevitable as a club to acknowledge this harder, industrial side of techno. That’s why we are choosing to take matters into our own hands.

We saw a gap that was left after the pandemic and thought it was time for a brand new Industrial concept run by Vera Grace and SEMMUS with the RADION team as their guardian angels.

With WERKSTATT, we’re introducing a younger generation to the established industrial sound and pushing boundaries within the purest form of industrial driven music.

Artwork by Kim van der Waart


23:00 - 08:00