RADION WEEKENDER 08.06 - 10.06

RADION was one of the first Amsterdam clubs to receive a 24-hour permit 9 years ago and that did not go unnoticed, a new phenomenon was born. The first RADION WEEKENDER saw its first night and daylight in 2016.

We had an amazing return of our WEEKENDER in February so expect an even crazier Weekender 8-10 June — 1 weekend,  3 rooms and 15 artists that will set RADION on fire. De Bovenkamer is curated by Embodiment.

We are happy to announce the first 13 artists on this crazy amazing line up.

On show in the Expo:

MEM{BR(A[I])N}[E] by Christine Kappé & Jef Nollet x Werner de Valk


•⁠  ⁠Ticket Types (SAT Night - SUN Day - SUN Night) mention the times you are able to enter

•⁠  ⁠You can leave whenever you want, buy yourself a 'Re-entry Ticket' at the door before you leave, if you wish to re-enter later in the weekend

•⁠  ⁠We DON'T use stamps for re-entry. Without a 'Re-entry Ticket' you will need to buy a new ticket.


SAT 23:00 - MON 04:00