NIGHT + DAY Exhibition: Permanent Mirage

Our NIGHT + DAYP program is excited to present Permanent Mirage, a collaborative installation and publication by Coilin O'Connell and Cillian Finnerty that takes as its starting point the dual meanings of the word ‘hoard’: both as the compulsive accumulation of (often useless) objects, and as referring to a valuable archaeological find.

The pig (as bank, as repository of small change) and the cockroach (the hated, but indestructible worker of Kafka’s Metamorphosis) guide the viewer up and down the scale of value, and navigate the rapid oscillations in value inherent to the pseudo-magic of capitalist exchange.

An interruption in the circulation of items such as coins, library books and newspapers forms a mise en scene in which an alchemical process temporarily untethers these objects from their normal positions within habituated frameworks of value, of meaning, and commodity status.

Frog of Earth will play a Dj set for the Wednesday 22nd opening event.


18:00 - 22:00