Fever Dream ♡ POING CLUB; Cunty Business

Fever Dream & POING CLUB bring you; Cunty Business💋👔  in RADION Amsterdam

From the very beginning, our collaboration has been a journey of mutual growth, always pushing boundaries and embracing the wildest ideas. 🌬️💗 We're on cloud nine to take this collab to another city, also marking POING's first tour stop outside of Rotterdam! 🏁🚂

On June 7th, we'll be doubling up on everything hot💋 and cunty👅 spreading our magic dust across all of RADION. With a hard-hitting lineup of icons only keeping the vibes charged all night. 😳🤯

More info coming soon. We've released a limited number of early tickets for the community. Go get them now before they’re gone 💋✨


23:00 - 07:00