RADION Cafe: Open Invitation

Are you creative or do you have a special skill that you want to share with the public?

Do you have a book club with your besties or do you always play chess online and desperately need a physical location to meet with your fellow nerds? Or do you just want a nice place to celebrate your birthday?

Then we’ve got the space for you! Reach out to us through this Open Invitation and claim your moment in our cosy RADION Cafe or Expo space.

The gas prices are high, but it’s always warm and cosy in our RADION Cafe.

Amsterdam apartments are ‘gezellig’ small, but we’ve got enough room for you and your friends or family.

Showcase your art, sing your songs, take the microphone to share your poem, make us laugh with your cabaret act or play games together accompanied by a glass of tea, a pint of beer and some of our famous vegan Bitterballen to get the party started.

We offer you our space free of rent.

When you need technical support, we will make you a special offer.

Send in your idea or concept to

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